“Apis Consulting played an important role in helping our business steer clear of ‘greenwash’. Their report and advice enabled our Board to make sound long-term policy decisions  to support biodiversity”

– Project Manager, CSR Team, Insurance Sector

Run by Bermondsey Street’s founder Dale Gibson, who spent many years working in the City, Apis is our apicultural consultancy, offering services including thought leadership, location-specific sustainability assessments, apiary design and high-level expertise in complex issues including writing best practice templates, Health & Safety documentation and Risk Assessments.

Our clients include major property developers, hotel groups, insurance companies and blue-chip brands who understand that it’s no longer acceptable for corporates simply to acquire beehives and call it  a ‘sustainability gain’.

Today it’s crucial to the environment and bee welfare that beekeeping is approached in a far more thoughtful, informed and organized way and our ‘Green Offset’ strategies offer commercial clients new pathways to better CSR and ESG policy making.

We also work with local/national public, private and charitable bodies to pool knowledge, raise funding, improve mutual understanding of biodiversity issues and collaborate on projects large and small.